Chinnar is a forest area. The major parts of chinnar are the protected forest areas of the western ghats.
It is Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, 18 km north to Marayoor . Since its a highrange area, the altitude varies from 500-2300 meters above the sea level. So trekking is the main attraction of Chinnar.
Though it is limited to a time period of 7am to 4pm, tourists from around the globe comes in plenty to Chinnar. A period of months ranging from December to May is considered as the ideal time to visit here. You can also enjoy the beauty of Thoovanam waterfalls, located here.
The chinnar garden, which is 90 square kilometers wide; is situated between the iconic sandal forests of Marayoor, Iravikulam national park; one of the finest park with a rare collection of exotic species and the Indira Gandhi national park located in Coimbatore.
Chinnar forest:
Chinnar forest, the main tourist attraction of Chinnar, as already mentioned is a collection of rare and exotic species including the flying squirrel and the gaur, which remains as the main attractions of Chinnar forest. It is located in Idukki district, 10 kilometers south to Idukki main town. This rain forest is enriched by the water from the Chinnar and Pampar rivers. It is advised not to spent time here after the dusk, as there will not be any guards around. So special care must be taken while trekking. The months from September to May is considered as the best season for trekking. It is also advised to avoid dark colored dresses while trekking. Silence must be maintained since sounds can provoke wild animals. It is also advised to move in groups, do not litter around. The forest department of Kerala often organizes a two- day nature camp, mainly for students; in Chinnar with food and lodging facility.

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