Idukki Dam

Idukki Dam is an arch dam constructed between kuravan mala and Kurathy mala; two prominent hills in Idukky district of kerala; on Periyar river.

Periyar river thus serves as a crucial part in the electricity production in Kerala. WJ John, the then superintendent of Malankara estate; found out the site for this dam in1922. Karuvellayan Kolumban; a local tribe, helped him in finding the spot.! It is an arch dam constructed between Kuravan hill and Kurathy hill; one among the few of its kind in the world.

Kulamav, Idukki, Cheruthony – These three dams form the Idukki hydro-electric project.
Even though there are 3 dams, they share a common reservoir; which spreads from Idukki to Kulamavu, which is a few kilometers away. Of these 3 dams, only Cheruthony dam have a spill way.

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