Malayattoor, is located 52 km from Kochi. It is a mystique village comprising of Mountains and river.Hence got its name Malayattoor – derived from Mountain (mala), river (aarr) and land(ooru). Its one of the most important Christian pilgrim centres in Kerala

The St. Thomas church (Malayattoor Church), situated atop the 609m high Malayatoor Hill is the main attraction here.

Malayattoor,  a hilly village lying in the North Eastern corner of Ernakulam District of Kerala, South India is believed to be the place where the St. Thomas is believed to have landed in Kerala in AD 52. He set foot at Kodungalloor, On his way to Mylapore, he stopped at Malayattoor. It is said that he faced with the natives, who became hostile and endangered his life. He had no option unless to flee to the top of the nearby hill. He remained there in prayer and left foot prints on one of the rocks. It is also believed that blood poured from a rock, when he touched it during prayer.

According to the traditional belief, it is said that during his stay at the hilltop, he used to make the sign of cross on the rock, kiss it and pray to god. It is also said that, a miraculous golden cross appeared at that particular spot. His zeal for the Lord took him to Mylapore and later died a martyr’s death there in AD 72.

Later on the hunters went to the mountain for hunting. While they stayed in the night they saw a glittering sign of the cross on the rock. Out of curiosity they struck there with their rude weapons.  To their surprise blood gushed out. They ran to the valley and told the locals. They later discovered the footprints of the great saint. when this extra ordinary piece of news reached the plains, people began to
flock the hills of Malayattoor. They went to the mountain and while they prayed there they got many miracles. This is the humble beginning of Kurisumudy Pilgrimage.

One of the most important Christian pilgrim centres in Kerala, this holy shrine attracts devotees in very large numbers not only from Kerala but also from the neighbouring states. A good number of pilgrims that visit Kurisumudy is from Tamil Nadu. The vital role played by the caravan route that existed between Kodungalloor and Madras from time immemorial has certainly contributed to this spiritual and
cultural bond that exists between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The first Sunday after Easter is considered as the chief festival here. Malayattoor Perunnal, celebrated during the months of March- April; is the annual festival of Malayattoor church, with a large number of Pilgrims going up the hill. This famous church is situated at Kurisumudi, a verdant hill in the Western Ghats girdled partially by the Periyar (river).

The Church has a life-size statue of St. Thomas and the imprint of the feet of the Apostle on a rock. This shrine has now been accorded an international pilgrimage station. There is also a very ancient Church in the name of St Thomas (Estd. 900) at Malayattoor on the bank of Periyar River, which serves as the parish Church at present.

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