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Monsoon, the rainy season in Kerala, is believed to derive its name from the Arabic word ‘mausim’ meaning ‘season’. Since its the cool season of raindrops and rainbows, it must be celebrated outdoors. Monsoon is considered as a very special season of the year. The monsoon brings in a drastic change in the environment. The drought and heat as a result of the summer months and the dust and debris being washed away, It brings you everything afresh; the streets get washed by the pool of water, drenching the dry earth, the tender leaves getting wet and fresh, leaving the lush green scenery. Everything together makes monsoon, a rich natural experience.
The rains, which is the main attraction of monsoon, do not continue incessantly for weeks. Instead, it rains for a few hours or sometimes it can stretch on for a week, but the sun keeps peeping through the wet clouds, whenever he gets a chance! Among all the states of India, Kerala experiences the monsoon season in all its beauty. People from different parts of the country travel to Kerala to have a refreshing experience of monsoon. Since it promises to bring prosperity, monsoon rejoices the farmers too.

The rainy season of Kerala is divided mainly into two. They are ‘edavam’ and ‘thulam’.
Southwest Monsoon arriving in the month of June, in the midst of the month Edavam in Malayalam calendar is known as ‘Edavappathy’. Hence the name edavappathy, which means the half of edavam.
Northeast Monsoon arriving in the midst of October, is called Thulam in the Malayalam calendar the rains in the month of thulam are known as ?Thulavarsham?. Where, ‘varsham’ means rain.

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Rain clouds from the Bay of Bengal are gathered over the Indian mainland due to pressure difference in the atmosphere. These clouds are carried to Kerala by the northeast winds through the Western Ghats, via Palakkad Gap. The mountain ranges of these places traps the cloud that carries rains. Resulting in rain over the mainland of Kerala. The fierce beauty of the dark clouds; that carries rains, makes the peacock dance with joy, fanning out all its plumes. Mango trees bloom with flowers in plenty. The water that falls as rains, fills the rivers and flows freely and the waterfalls, which remain shallow and dry during the summer, cascades with the rainwater, majestically down the mountains!
As nature gets replenished with the rains, it is the rejuvenation time for mankind also. According to Ayurveda, the traditional medical treatment form of Kerala, monsoon is the considered as the best season for the rejuvenation therapies. As the atmosphere remains cool and dust-free during the time of the monsoon, it opens the pores in the body to the fullest. Ayurveda treatment conceived during the time of the monsoon, is the most effective as the body remains receptive to the herbal oils applied and engulf them through the pores. Thus, it is the best path for restoring your mind and replenish your physical structure and body. The artists in Kerala, performing various traditional art forms, are known to have undergone Ayurvedic therapies during their training. This is because, these art forms require utmost dedication and complete control over each nerve in the body. In order to ensure the flexibility of the muscles and improve the dexterity in movement, special medications and herbal oils are applied along the body of the artists during the monsoon time. Undergoing Ayurveda helps them attain complete control over body parts.

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