Tribes In High Ranges

The tribes of Kerala are mostly farmers. They live mainly on the high range areas, whereas the plantation still remains as an important part of their inhabits. They are found on the parts of Western Ghat, mainly on the border regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the mountain ranges, which acts as a natural boundary, has parts of Kerala as well as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The crops farmed by the Kerala tribes mainly include dhal, paddy, chilies, turmeric, plantains, and raggi. Conveyed by the Tamils, Step agriculture is usually practiced with well planned grids; moreover, they also perform irrigation and agriculture in their own custom ways. All these tribes are found in the extreme remote hilly areas and in the deep interior corners of thickly growing forests of this state
It might seems interesting that the”Adivasis”; the most uncivilized community with their own unique culture and spiritual and religious regulations and customs are abiding in the high ranges of Kerala, a state in India, well known for the high cultured habits and literacy rate.

Iravallans tribes are found mainly in Chittur, Palakkad district. They are also known by the name Villu-vedan.These tribes are known to hunt using bows and arrows, hence the name Villu-Vedan

these tribes are seen only in the Malappuram district, mainly in the Karulai and Chungathara forest ranges of Nilambur,
Cholanaikkans are known as they are one of the ancient communities of Kerala.
They are also the vanishing tribes and the most primitive one in kerala.

Irular tribes are found to be living in Palakkad District around Attapady region
also found in Koonapalam Mayamudi Pothuppara, Valayar hills Nelliyampathy, and Palakkapandi.

Most of the people in the Adiyan tribes are agricultural workers. In Malayalam language, the word Adiyan means ‘slave’ literally. They are seen mainly in the Kannur and Wayanad districts.

Kadar tribes are considered as a primitive tribe in Kerala. They are now found in 15 different areas of Thrissur and Palakkad districts. They are also found in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu; mainly in the Western Ghat.

Aranadan tribes are are found in the Malappuram District, mainly in Eranadu.
They are nomadic hill tribes and most of these tribes live by hunting.

Kammara tribes, mostly working as blacksmiths, are found in the Kasargode district of Kerala. The population of these tribes in Kerala is just a total of 123.

Aalar tribes are seen mainly in the Malappuram district.
The number of people in these tribes are very less. For this reason, they are not listed in the scheduled list of tribes in the Kerala state.

Kanikkaran tribes are found in the Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts of Kerala, around the Western Ghats mainly in Agastyakutam peaks and Mahendragiri.

Kani tribes are the nomadic tribes of Kerala. These tribes are famous for familiarizing with jeevani, a herbal medicine and Kallana, a cryptic elephant

The Kattunaikans and Cholanaikkans are listed as primitive tribes of kerala. Known to be two groups of the same tribe, they are found in Malappuram Wayanad and Calicut districts.

The Malakkuravan tribes are found in the Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta, districts. The occupations of men include collection of honey, hunting and agriculture. Occupations of women include fire-wood collection, palmistry and fortune-telling.

These tribes are mainly found in the Wayanad areas and in some parts of Calicut districts of Kerala.
Their ancestors were the warriors in king Pazhassi Raja’s army during his epic guerrilla warfare against the British. They fought with utmost honesty and courage.

The Malayan tribes are found in the hilly areas of Thrissur and Palakkad districts. Most of them are agricultural workers and some of them are involved in the collection of forest products.

Kuruman tribes are found near to forests in the Wayanad district. But they live in good houses. The
different tribes in the scheduled tribe list of the Kerala state government is jointly named as Kuruman

Mannan tribes are found mainly in these districts of kerala: Kottayam, Idukky and Palakkad.
Their occupations include agriculture, fishing and collection of forest products.

Kurumban tribes are considered as primitive tribe among the scheduled tribes in kerala
These tribes are mostly found in Palakkad district, on the banks of the Bhavani River in Attapady.

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